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Deborah Velez


Piano, Music Theory



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Session Rate:

$ 30.00 per 30-minute session


Ms. Deborah Velez has a Bachelor Degree in Piano Pedagogy and a Masters in Sacred Music. She also has a Music Teaching Certificate and an ESL Teaching Certificate from the Puerto Rico Department of Education. For over 20 years, she has successfully taught piano, music theory, music appreciation, and other academic subjects in both public and private schools. Her students range from 4 years old to adults. Ms. Velez also taught piano for 3 years at a University in Bayamon, Puerto Rico, and was a Music Faculty for about 3 years at a University in Monterrey, MX. Ms. Velez has served as pianist and choir director in churches. She has experience in teaching music and assisting teachers in the Montessori Schools both in Puerto Rico and Omaha. Ms. Deborah speaks English and Spanish. Throughout the years Ms. Velez has used her skills to spread the love of music to many children, teens, and adults in Puerto Rico; Monterrey, Mexico; and Omaha. For Ms. Deborah music brings much joy to children, hope to the young at heart, and enlightens the spirit. Deborah lives in Omaha, where she is Mom to two teenage sons. She loves cats and dogs. Ms. Velez favorite hobbies are sightseeing, drawing, and watching mysteries movies.

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