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Andrew McFarlane


Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Acoustic Guitar



Studio Hours:

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Session Rate:

$ 25.00 per 30-minute session


My name is Andrew McFarlane Knudson. I'm a music major at Minnesota State University Moorhead. I spent high school playing guitar, bass guitar, and percussion in multiple ensembles and played in rock/pop bands outside of school around town and in the Twin Cities. In college I have experience in jazz ensembles and pop/rock ensembles. I have also transcribed a lot of music ranging from rock to jazz to classical. When I teach my students I make sure to incorporate applicable skills that a hobby and professional musician can utilize while making it fun. When I'm not doing something musical, I like to play video games, hang with friends, and make art.

Minimum Age:

Andrew has requested a minimum age of 5 years old.

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