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Brooks Hanes





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$ 30.00 per 30-minute session


Quote: "Whether or not we are a match in your trial lesson, you will walk away with direction-and my hope will always be for you to become a life-long learner by learning the violin!" Many have come to Mr. Hanes since the first student he taught in 1990, to find help learning and perfecting what he calls the world's most beautiful-and most difficult-musical instrument. It has been said that he helps many of his students find inspiration necessary so they no longer have to worry about not sounding perfect so that practice becomes more intense and effective. This, he says, leads to more precise performance, when combined with his technique, the "Agile Violin Method." Mr. Hanes has a long list of exciting experiences like recording for small churches, touring in an old tour bus, studying music under Billboard and Grammy artists, and sharing stages with household-name famous musicians. He is director of a top homeschool violin curriculum and author of the book, 'Getting Your Child to Pick Up and Practice the Violin Multiple Times Each Day Without Begging or Bribing.' He holds a B.A. in Music with emphasis in performance and studio recording and engineering.

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