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David Downing





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Session Rate:

$ 40.00 per 30-minute session


A Krutz solo artist, and classically trained cellist, David Downing began his musical studies at the age of seven. Major teachers include, Dr. David Lowe, Crispin Campbell, at the Interlochen Academy for the Arts, Johanne Perron at the Harid Conservatory, and Alan Harris at the Cleveland Institute of Music. Downing has worked cross-genre, with an appearance on Nas's hip-hop album Street's Disciple. David's solo work extends to writing, and recording several albums - his solo album and Brave Mountain Spirit with Americana band Ragged Company. Downing's work has been featured on the with a depth of experience ranging from solo appearances to orchestral and chamber performances throughout the United States. Co-founder of the Chinook Collaborative Ensemble, David performed at Omaha Under the Radar New Music Festival, giving the US premieres of Sunspot Letters by Michael Oesterle and WikiMozart by Peter Hatch. David's newest release, CELLO REMASTERED has been received with great success. His new CD release is slated for 2018 @

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