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Lisa Campbell


Violin, Viola, Cello, Piano, String Bass, Music Theory



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Session Rate:

$ 31.00 per 30-minute session


Lisa is an accomplished musician and orchestra director. She has over 20 years of private teaching experience. At age 4, she began studying the piano. At age 10, she began her studies on the violin. In 2003, Lisa received her B.A. in Music Education from the Arizona State University Herberger Institute of Music under the direction of Dr. Phyllis Skoldberg, Dr. Daniel Swaim, Dr. Timothy Russell and Professor Jonathan Swartz. She quickly rose to become one of the top orchestra teachers in Arizona. Her orchestras received the highest ratings possible, and her orchestra programs flourished in numbers. Lisa's private students quickly rose to the top of their class, and made state-wide honors at the regional and all-state festivals.

Throughout her teaching career, Lisa has performed with the Tempe Symphony Orchestra, the Virtuoso String Quartet and the Dakota Valley Symphony.

As one of the top music teachers in Arizona, Lisa is excited to be in Minnesota to share her love and knowledge of music with others!

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